FRIENDS OF ARKADE - Danelle Bohane

It's a strange thing to try and pen some words about someone who's reputation is littered with superlatives and is also a good friend. On one hand, we have Danelle Bohane's undeniable photographic artistry and a body of work that generally leaves people either speechless or exclaiming "Holy frick!!", and on the other hand we have an utterly normal people-lover from the lush green of South Titirangi. Danelle destroys the myth of the 'Tortured Creative' and replaces it with consistent 'doing' plus an acute awareness of what really matters in life that informs her photography.  We invited her around with the blog post as an excuse...we secretly just wanted to hang out on a Thursday.   


WHO is influencing you right now?

I would have to say Brene Brown. (If only she had on an E on the end of her last name I think she would have the world's coolest looking name). If you haven't heard of her do yourself a favour and grab a copy of Braving the Wilderness or Daring Greatly as soon as you can. 

I like to think of her as my most impersonal personal mentor. She has taught me through her many ideas and words how to be brave and courageous in so many different areas of my life. I hope I can give her a hug one day to say thank you.


WHAT is the next big thing you are excited about? 

Can I say winter? For anyone that knows me knows I don't do summer time very well. The things I enjoy most in life exist in the window of winter; candles, ugg boots, multiple clothing layers, fires, pasta and mulled wine all in the comfort of our little bungalow in the bush. 10 degrees and under is where I function at my best.


WHERE are you going next?

South Africa. It will be my third time heading to Cape Town but without a doubt this will be our most exciting and important trip we have ever done (and probably will ever do). My wonderful husband is getting the opportunity to meet his birth mum. I can barely think about it without welling up.


In case you've been living under a rock, it's Hot Cross Bun time again. Our new local, Daily Bread, has been furiously smashing out baked goods to keep up with Arkade demand for their incredible cheese buns and now, hot cross buns. Rest assured, these ones lasted all of about 7 mins after this shoot wrapped! 

If you're after more than the standard bland supermarket fare, head on down to Pt Chev and place an order for a bakers dozen of these beauties. 

FRIENDS OF ARKADE - Shaye Woolford of On My Hand.

You know those people who make life seem nigh-on effortless? Shaye Woolford, the floral mastermind of On My Hand,  is one of those. She seems to tiptoe along the high-wire of life, balancing motherhood and family life on her nose with entrepreneurship in her left hand and execution in her right, all without breaking a sweat...of course, it's never that simple but we're choose to believe it today. Shaye is a definite tastemaker - she got in the styling game early and has pivoted her way to success through smarts and style. Her IG feed is definitely one we find ourselves liking daily. Here's a few inspiring gems she shared with us whilst perched upon our newly lacquered office floor. 



WHO - I tried really hard to think of one human being here, but I can't pin down one.  At the moment, I'm loving listening to old music - my husband bought me a record player for Christmas. The Strokes / Call It Fate, Call It Karma is playing most nights while I'm cooking dinner.  I'm one of those annoying people who listens to songs repeatedly.  I'm obsessed with watching Chiara Ferragni's Instagram stories, just to hear her speak Italian (I want to go back to Italy and explore, so bad).  I recently purchased "The Cocktail Garden" and now want to stop being a florist and instead open a seasonal flower and food cocktail bar.  I also just bought a beautiful book called The Atlas of Beauty which is photographs of women from all around the world -  I've loved seeing female beauty from many different cultures.


WHAT - Oh my gosh so many things!  We are working hard on branding at the moment, very excited about that.  Stephen Kirkby from Parkby Projects has designed our new icon and style, and I feel like it's grown the business up a bit. He's insanely talented.  He hand drew the hand and flower and I just love it.  We also just moved our studio to a new location.  At the moment I'm slowly but surely styling the interior, adding a chiller (!!), a consult room to dream up weddings with our clients, plus creating a functional studio where we can work and host events in Winter and Spring.  I feel very grown up ha ha.


WHERE - It's Monday, and I've just dropped my two sons off to school.  The sun is shining and so I'm going to take my dog Benoit for a walk along the waterfront and grab a coffee.  Then, ever so indulgently, I'm going to get an hour massage! Then I'm going home to chill and start cooking dinner - it's my only day off this week so it's my time to be fully immersed in Mum and Wifey role.  Middle eastern tonight - harissa chicken, moghrabieh salad with preserved lemons, beetroot and labne.


It seems "slow living" is all the rage right now, at least in the major urban centres a bunch of us dwell in. Our days are spend flitting about from work to home, to the gym, to ballet, to the shops, to soccer practice, to Christmas parties, to a myriad of other things filling our lives - it's little wonder people are crying out "is this it??" No one seems to have mastered the art of a deliberate lifestyle in the age of madness like Eleanor Ozich. 

Founder of Mondays Wholefoods, Petite Kitchen, and author of 4 acclaimed books, her and her family have more schemes on the go than the average, but still seem to nail a more mindful flavour of day-to-day. If you're finding an urge to dial back the intensity, check out Eleanor's new book, THE ART OF SIMPLE - or check out the goodness that follows.



WHO is influencing you right now? 

Tony Robbins. My husband and I experienced one of his live seminars in Sydney few months ago, and it was absolutely life-changing. In a nutshell, Tony helps you to create an extraordinary quality of life you desire and deserve, by harnessing the power of the mind. If you haven't listened to him or read his work before, I highly recommend you do, take out one of his books from the library, and even if you only read a page or two, I'm sure you won't regret it.

WHAT is the next big thing you're excited about?

I've been busy planning a series of simple living workshops, and I'm almost ready to bring them to fruition. They'll be filled with delicious food, good conversation and some fun hands-on learning. Alongside recipes for simple, nourishing meals, the workshop will include tips to declutter your home, and methods for making natural beauty products and household cleaners, which will cost you less and be kinder to you and the environment. 

WHERE are you going next? 

It's Saturday morning, and I'm about to take the kids to Boric Food Market in Kumeu for a hot drink.  It's one of our go-to cafes in West Auckland, as it has yummy food, and a big, wooden playground surrounded by a beautiful fruit orchard. There's also a artisan grocery store if you need to do a spot of shopping.


If you're a lover of modern hospitality, there's a high chance you've been influenced by Coffee Supreme's Al Keating in one way or another - we certainly have. Not only was his tenure as CEO of Coffee Supreme one defined by incredible generosity, loyalty, and inclusivity, he's also got a reputation for wantonly throwing bones to growing businesses, and has a rolodex to boot.

Early on, Al and Jonny took a punt on us with Popped Culture. Since then, Al graciously taken many and varied calls from us saying "Al....we've got a problem." Invariably, he's got a reasoned, people-first idea to help us out. So when Al's speaks, we listen. You should too. 


WHO is influencing you right now? 

Influence is a big one. There's certainly a great number of people that influence me - influence and inspire. Two key people in my life I would have to say are my parents. Neil and Jenny Keating. They have always cut a different track, done things their own way, made family a huge priority, and have demonstrated to me what true generosity can look like. 

They are both journalists by trade, so have always been good with words. Yet, they have done far more than just use words to influence me and the hoards of people that have been come into contact with them over my lifetime. From as long as I can remember they've made it a priority to include outsiders, help someone in need, lay another place at the table for an unexpected guest or subtly slip a fifty into someones hand. 

Growing up, I knew things were tough financially, but what I saw was unending generosity and inclusion. This for me has been one of the most influential demonstrations of being a successful human. 


WHAT is the next big thing you're excited about? 

I've always said, that if you've got stuff to look forward to, you're probably the wealthiest person you know. So the thing that gives me something to look forward to, and my uncountable wealth, is my beautiful wife Bec. We've been married for nearly 17 years. We’ve had our share of cheers and tears over that time. 

You hear a lot of drivel about love and commitment, I probably don't need to give you examples.But what I have come to love and appreciate about my marriage to Bec is our contentment. It sounds like the sun-faded twilight phase of your grandparents marriage I know - but true contentment is something to look forward to. Committing to a lifetime of discovering contentment together, and achieving that, is one thing I truly look forward to in my life. Contentment for me is what love is in its essence. 

Someone told me once that compromise is the key to a successful life-long relationship, but I've come to discover that is a gross inaccuracy.Compromise creates nothing more than two dissatisfied humans. What one wanted, neither have brought about. And, what neither wished for - both have just acquired. Perhaps the proverbial 'middle ground' is where discontent is conceived and born. And discontent grows to become a relationship's greatest achilles. Two people gaining nothing but beige and C+. Can’t say I look forward to that. 

So what I'm really looking forward to, is contentment. And the upcoming summer holidays with her and the kids. Always the summer holidays.


WHERE are you going next? 

I'm headed to Mangawhai just north of Auckland. We were lucky enough to be able to buy this shabby little cottage on a quarter of an acre up there. I grew up having pretty modest summer holidays at Mangawhai, and fell in love with the place. Back then though, people drove rusting Valiants down to the 4 Square instead of Vogues, and a two-scoop ice cream actually had 3 scoops and was was cheaper than your jandals, and it was just called ice cream. 

I'd love for my kids to be able to grow up having holidays there too, even tho when they're teenagers there'll probable be a motorway offramp over the beach and house prices will be comparable to the cost of starting a medium-sized airline. So we’re headed up there with my broken skill saw and mis-matched furniture, to make it as liveable and fun as possible.

So far we've got an old plunger and a few of our favourite mugs from home in Avondale, a big table in the courtyard out back, and a stink-to-average bbq I got at Bunnings - so we're pretty much set.

There's a bunch of cool projects going on here at Supreme too that I'm pretty excited about - growing Tokyo, building our new Auckland home and cafe experience and a bunch of other interesting new products rolling out here and in Oz and Japan. You'll hear about them all pretty soon too. 


Holly Houston is one of those people who not only has a ready-made stage name and is well on top of her ceramics game, she's also getting a reputation for being someone who's up for a challenge. Numerous times we've gone to her and said "Hey Holly, we need 100 plates...and we need em by Wednesday." Invariably, she elicits a quiet chuckle and says "I think I can help." Let's just say, we owe her a favour or two. Do yourself a favour and hop over to Holly Houston Ceramics and check out her new collection. 


WHO is influencing you right now? 

I am obsessed with kids art at the moment. My 4 year old Willow has been spending more time with me in the studio lately painting faces on my plates before I fire them, her mark making ability is SO much better than mine ever could be and I spent like four years going to drawing and painting classes.

WHAT is the next big thing you're excited about? 

It's not really a big thing, but I'm so excited about it - I just started a vege garden again after a three year hiatus. I've been doing ceramics for the last few years and it has totally engulfed my entire life, I have spent this entire year so far trying to reclaim all those parts of who I was and what I loved before. 
Ironically, I spend all my time at work with my hands in dirt, and now I go home and spend my relaxation time with my hands in dirt too.


WHERE are you going next? 

Tonight I'm going to meet up with my business circle gang. My friend Tamzin from Mavis and Osborn and I initiated it as an opportunity to regularly meet up with other small creative business owners like us, who make their own product.  We talk about all the tricky bits and work out solutions to some of the hard things we face in running our own businesses. A lot of us started as artists or makers who now have to work out how to put our adult pants on and run a proper business, with no business background or education! 
Solidarity in numbers, haha. 


Web -

FB - @hollyhoustonceramics

IG - @hollyhoustonceramics

FRIENDS OF ARKADE - Hannah Tunnicliffe

We first bumped elbows with author Hannah Tunnicliffe a few years ago over dinner at a Kinfolk event in Auckland's Silo 6. Arkade was a fledgling outfit then and Hannah was one of the first people to say "Hey, nice work. Keep it up!" Ever since, we've been on Hannah's cheer squad. 

Hannah's books has garnered a slew of positive reviews and are a regular fixture on the side table of our resident stylist, Bonnie Machell. By way of Canada, UK, Macau, Australia, and now Auckland, she's a poster-child for ditching the Mon-Fri grind of the HR world in favour of a something a little riskier but ultimately more fulfilling. You can find her 3-5 days a week writing up a storm in cafes of Takapuna. You can also find her here:


WHO is influencing you right now? 

There are so many inspiring bods about and I am a hopeless heart-eyes to choose? Okay, here's just a few - I love the portraiture of local artists Ayesha Green and Nick Herd, am enamoured with Chris Cleave's novel, 'Everyone Brave is Forgiven' and just finished Austin Kleon's simple, snappy guide for creatives,'Steal Like An Artist'. Then there's the Instagram account of the playful Helga Stentzel (who can make a poodle from a cauliflower and jack-o-lanterns from Babybel cheeses) and the philosophy and spot-on advice of anti-diet advocate, Isabel Foxen Duke - both ace. 

WHAT is the next big thing you're excited about? 

I've recently become just a tiny bit crazy about scent. Smell is such an underrated sense and is so braided with our sense of taste; I've begun researching the likes of natural perfume expert and writer Mandy Aftel and smell researcher and artist, Sissel Tolaas, who once re-created the smells of World War I for a museum exhibition. I'd love to incorporate these intriguing worlds of smell research and perfume making into my next writing project.   

WHERE are you going next? 

Well... I would like to say that for my next adventure I am headed to Japan! Yay! In reality I am off to parent-teacher interviews. 



Here's some images from the self-styled glory that was the wedding of Meisha & Dan. They definitely know what they are doing.  The normal daily view we have of our hire furniture is on racks, in stacks, and in cases - a slightly less glamorous view than social media would have you believe. When we get images back like this of our trestle tables, benches, and chairs, it totally makes it all worthwhile. Nice work, guys!

Styling - Meisha Frances

Images - Nisha Ravji

Florals - The Botanist

Tableware - Two Foxes



If we were to compile a list of cool people doing cool things, Auckland-local shirtmaker Sherie Muijs would be jostling for position near the top. She exudes a certain calm effortlessness which is in juxtaposition to the fastidious care and love put into her range; case-in-point being the care instructions for her shirts. Our resident stylist, Bonnie, is a strong devotee of her T Shirt No. 19 in Engine Red. Wonder if we should adopt it as the official Arkade uniform for women? Anyway, take a second and check out what she's buzzing on at the moment. 


WHO is influencing you right now? 

Influencing me always; Sade, Georgia O'Keeffe, Patti Smith, Katherine Hepburn, Helen Frankenthaler, Christophe Lemaire. And more recently; Aldous Harding, Solange, Nevia Pavletic. 


WHAT is the next big thing you're excited about? 

A t-shirt collaboration with Anyonegirl featuring an excerpt from her second issue of WAIST. I am also working on all new shirts for 2018 and a new colour palette of t-shirts with Marta Buda. 


WHERE are you going next? 

We're planning to load up the wagon and head on a road trip around the North Island in the spring. I look forward to stopping off at small Bach's along the way and to building sandcastles with my boys!


FRIENDS OF ARKADE - Sophie Wolanski from Muck.

WHO is influencing you right now? 

Lately I've been finding myself influenced by people that really put their talents to use. Mulit-facets, fingers in lots of pies. They're usually not in the realm of flowers, but people out there in the world doing things. Tyler the Creator, musician, so young and so talented. He just does so much, it inspired me to stay on my game, and do more. 

WHAT is the next big thing you're excited about? 

I work with the Lonely brand seasonally on their stores, so I'm really excited about refreshing them and seeing what this season will look like. Keep an eye out in Ponsonby, Newmarket and Wellington... 

WHERE are you going next? 

I've just returned from a trip to the States - NY and LA. Getting that much sunshine in the middle of winter wakes up my mind and helps keep the inspiration flowing through the hardest parts of winter. Hiking the canyons in LA is every inspiring - the desert flowers and the way they persevere in such dry, hot heat. I just love it. 


In the weddings and events hire game, we see a lot of different pieces of furniture around. Some of them are pure genius. They either stack, fold, roll, or have been so well-considered that life becomes incredibly pain-free for a event planner or caterer......and some of them, not so much. 

We recently had a run-in with a portable bar. Super heavy timber bar with inadequate wheels and a truck tail lift...Let's just say it wasn't an ideal scenario but it did make us think "What would the worlds greatest portable bar look like??" Can it be moved by one person? What grade of wheel would it have? Can it stand 200kgs of weight? What dimensions would aid bar service and also fit in a service lift? Shelves or standardised catering racks?  Splashback or no splashback? Beer taps? Plumbed in? 

Here's our first generation Modular Bar. High-spec Birch ply front with key catering functionality behind. Check it out for yourself - we think this should make your bar service experience a breeze. 


Recent history has shown us that summer for Arkade = madness. A glorious torrent of weddings, Christmas parties, sporting events, and general corporate event madness. While the world seems to be reaping the rewards of the previous year's hard work, we're clocking up serious right-arm-tans from all the trucking miles and getting our reps up moving our furniture in and out of venues all day, every day. That makes Winter an ideal time to decamp, take stock of what we've achieved and envision what the future holds for the furniture hire game. Here's a little peek behind the veil into our Golden Bay retreat. 


There was a image that hung over my Norwegian-American grandfathers breakfast table in small-town Minnesota. 'Grace' by Eric Enstrom is iconic for many older Americans; my grandfather was no exception and in turn, it is iconic for me.  It came back to me recently in moments of moody nostalgia as I was gathering pumpkins and bulbed vegetables for this shoot: flashes of country Minnesota, an older world, a simpler life perhaps. 



It's fair to say that foraging has had a resurgence of late. We're all for pinching hydrangeas from the side of the motorway but when it comes to our friend's fruit trees, it's less foraging and more like pillaging. Our good friend and shirtmaker-extraodinaire, Sherie Muijs, recently invited Bonnie around to help her tame the bumper crop of persimmons from her tree. And pillage, she did! Here's the fruit from her labour, featuring our studio space, hire furniture, and Holly Houston Ceramics. 


...and what have we done? True to form, it's been manic due to all the usual stuff; weddings, parties, last-minute manufacturing missions, shopping, office fit-outs, airport pickups and drop-offs, and so on and so forth. But does it really have to be this way??

We took a moment this week to reflect on what Christmas means to us. We're hoping this impending Christmas is intentional, simple, and heartfelt. Rather than aiming for a season that's bigger than Ben-Hur, we're going for something a bit more modest. So, here's to keeping this Christmas authentic and intimate. 

Peace be with you. 

Team Arkade


Styling - Bonnie Machell

Florals - Floral Stylist

Photography - Bayly & Moore

Homewares - Nest Direct, Holly Houston Ceramics

Watercolour - Inky Words



IT'S FRIDAY, I'M IN LOVE - George & Edi

When most people think of Wanaka, the first thoughts are usually snow-related. For us, the first things that comes to mind aren't thoughts but fragrances; George & Edi's fragrances to be exact. We recently had the pleasure of collaborating with them and not only are the scents incredibly lush, but they are aesthetically pleasing, crafted with utmost care, and local - you can almost picture them hand-pouring and wrapping their candles in a toasty, cabin, halfway up Mt Aspiring. 

True favourites or ours are the Liquorice and We Surrender To Sleep candles. If you need a little luxury in your life, do yourself a favour and head over to

IT'S FRIDAY, I'M IN LOVE - Flora And Fauna

In the furniture hire and events game, we see trends come and go. One thing we'd gladly see more of is botanical styling. At the behest of our resident stylist, Bonnie Machell, we teamed up with Waiheke native, Gemma Yeoman, from Flora And Fauna. Turns out, she's not only super-talented but totally great to be around in general. 

Starting with one plant, one gold pot, and a dose of healthy prodding from friends, Gemma took a punt on dream and is now the force behind a burgeoning botanical empire. If you're home, office, or event is in need of some botanical love, Gemma has got you covered. Check out for more info. 


$30,000. That’s the magic figure often thrown about when referring to the average cost of a wedding. Whether or not that is backed by actual research or purely anecdotal, the point is expenditure can get out of hand. Quickly. Dresses & suits. Rings. Venues. Handmade furniture. Bespoke table runners. Letterpress invites. Mexican food trucks. Interactive wedding invitation websites. Floral Crowns. Broken typewriters. Photobooths with funny moustaches and chalkboard signs....I’m sure you get the point.

We’re big believers in investing in the right stuff, and these 4 things are a pretty good place to start. Food, drink, entertainment, and images.

Food, drink, and entertainment, are the backbone of your wedding day’s vibe. Get these things right, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to have an incredible party on your hands. Your catering choices have the potential to not only refuel your guests but to make them come alive. Great drink selections will hydrate AND allow folks to let down their hair a little. As for entertainment, Slamming live band or vinyl DJ vs a Spotify playlist? No contest.

We also think investing in quality images is also a great place to spend your hard-earned cash. They’ll serve to remind you of what you’ve got: great people who love you and support you, and of course, each other.

Spend your time and energy getting these things right. Worry about the tiny details another day.