It seems "slow living" is all the rage right now, at least in the major urban centres a bunch of us dwell in. Our days are spend flitting about from work to home, to the gym, to ballet, to the shops, to soccer practice, to Christmas parties, to a myriad of other things filling our lives - it's little wonder people are crying out "is this it??" No one seems to have mastered the art of a deliberate lifestyle in the age of madness like Eleanor Ozich. 

Founder of Mondays Wholefoods, Petite Kitchen, and author of 4 acclaimed books, her and her family have more schemes on the go than the average, but still seem to nail a more mindful flavour of day-to-day. If you're finding an urge to dial back the intensity, check out Eleanor's new book, THE ART OF SIMPLE - or check out the goodness that follows.



WHO is influencing you right now? 

Tony Robbins. My husband and I experienced one of his live seminars in Sydney few months ago, and it was absolutely life-changing. In a nutshell, Tony helps you to create an extraordinary quality of life you desire and deserve, by harnessing the power of the mind. If you haven't listened to him or read his work before, I highly recommend you do, take out one of his books from the library, and even if you only read a page or two, I'm sure you won't regret it.

WHAT is the next big thing you're excited about?

I've been busy planning a series of simple living workshops, and I'm almost ready to bring them to fruition. They'll be filled with delicious food, good conversation and some fun hands-on learning. Alongside recipes for simple, nourishing meals, the workshop will include tips to declutter your home, and methods for making natural beauty products and household cleaners, which will cost you less and be kinder to you and the environment. 

WHERE are you going next? 

It's Saturday morning, and I'm about to take the kids to Boric Food Market in Kumeu for a hot drink.  It's one of our go-to cafes in West Auckland, as it has yummy food, and a big, wooden playground surrounded by a beautiful fruit orchard. There's also a artisan grocery store if you need to do a spot of shopping.