FRIENDS OF ARKADE - Shaye Woolford of On My Hand.

You know those people who make life seem nigh-on effortless? Shaye Woolford, the floral mastermind of On My Hand,  is one of those. She seems to tiptoe along the high-wire of life, balancing motherhood and family life on her nose with entrepreneurship in her left hand and execution in her right, all without breaking a sweat...of course, it's never that simple but we're choose to believe it today. Shaye is a definite tastemaker - she got in the styling game early and has pivoted her way to success through smarts and style. Her IG feed is definitely one we find ourselves liking daily. Here's a few inspiring gems she shared with us whilst perched upon our newly lacquered office floor. 



WHO - I tried really hard to think of one human being here, but I can't pin down one.  At the moment, I'm loving listening to old music - my husband bought me a record player for Christmas. The Strokes / Call It Fate, Call It Karma is playing most nights while I'm cooking dinner.  I'm one of those annoying people who listens to songs repeatedly.  I'm obsessed with watching Chiara Ferragni's Instagram stories, just to hear her speak Italian (I want to go back to Italy and explore, so bad).  I recently purchased "The Cocktail Garden" and now want to stop being a florist and instead open a seasonal flower and food cocktail bar.  I also just bought a beautiful book called The Atlas of Beauty which is photographs of women from all around the world -  I've loved seeing female beauty from many different cultures.


WHAT - Oh my gosh so many things!  We are working hard on branding at the moment, very excited about that.  Stephen Kirkby from Parkby Projects has designed our new icon and style, and I feel like it's grown the business up a bit. He's insanely talented.  He hand drew the hand and flower and I just love it.  We also just moved our studio to a new location.  At the moment I'm slowly but surely styling the interior, adding a chiller (!!), a consult room to dream up weddings with our clients, plus creating a functional studio where we can work and host events in Winter and Spring.  I feel very grown up ha ha.


WHERE - It's Monday, and I've just dropped my two sons off to school.  The sun is shining and so I'm going to take my dog Benoit for a walk along the waterfront and grab a coffee.  Then, ever so indulgently, I'm going to get an hour massage! Then I'm going home to chill and start cooking dinner - it's my only day off this week so it's my time to be fully immersed in Mum and Wifey role.  Middle eastern tonight - harissa chicken, moghrabieh salad with preserved lemons, beetroot and labne.