If we were to compile a list of cool people doing cool things, Auckland-local shirtmaker Sherie Muijs would be jostling for position near the top. She exudes a certain calm effortlessness which is in juxtaposition to the fastidious care and love put into her range; case-in-point being the care instructions for her shirts. Our resident stylist, Bonnie, is a strong devotee of her T Shirt No. 19 in Engine Red. Wonder if we should adopt it as the official Arkade uniform for women? Anyway, take a second and check out what she's buzzing on at the moment. 


WHO is influencing you right now? 

Influencing me always; Sade, Georgia O'Keeffe, Patti Smith, Katherine Hepburn, Helen Frankenthaler, Christophe Lemaire. And more recently; Aldous Harding, Solange, Nevia Pavletic. 


WHAT is the next big thing you're excited about? 

A t-shirt collaboration with Anyonegirl featuring an excerpt from her second issue of WAIST. I am also working on all new shirts for 2018 and a new colour palette of t-shirts with Marta Buda. 


WHERE are you going next? 

We're planning to load up the wagon and head on a road trip around the North Island in the spring. I look forward to stopping off at small Bach's along the way and to building sandcastles with my boys!