FRIENDS OF ARKADE - Sophie Wolanski from Muck.

WHO is influencing you right now? 

Lately I've been finding myself influenced by people that really put their talents to use. Mulit-facets, fingers in lots of pies. They're usually not in the realm of flowers, but people out there in the world doing things. Tyler the Creator, musician, so young and so talented. He just does so much, it inspired me to stay on my game, and do more. 

WHAT is the next big thing you're excited about? 

I work with the Lonely brand seasonally on their stores, so I'm really excited about refreshing them and seeing what this season will look like. Keep an eye out in Ponsonby, Newmarket and Wellington... 

WHERE are you going next? 

I've just returned from a trip to the States - NY and LA. Getting that much sunshine in the middle of winter wakes up my mind and helps keep the inspiration flowing through the hardest parts of winter. Hiking the canyons in LA is every inspiring - the desert flowers and the way they persevere in such dry, hot heat. I just love it.