FRIENDS OF ARKADE - Danelle Bohane

It's a strange thing to try and pen some words about someone who's reputation is littered with superlatives and is also a good friend. On one hand, we have Danelle Bohane's undeniable photographic artistry and a body of work that generally leaves people either speechless or exclaiming "Holy frick!!", and on the other hand we have an utterly normal people-lover from the lush green of South Titirangi. Danelle destroys the myth of the 'Tortured Creative' and replaces it with consistent 'doing' plus an acute awareness of what really matters in life that informs her photography.  We invited her around with the blog post as an excuse...we secretly just wanted to hang out on a Thursday.   


WHO is influencing you right now?

I would have to say Brene Brown. (If only she had on an E on the end of her last name I think she would have the world's coolest looking name). If you haven't heard of her do yourself a favour and grab a copy of Braving the Wilderness or Daring Greatly as soon as you can. 

I like to think of her as my most impersonal personal mentor. She has taught me through her many ideas and words how to be brave and courageous in so many different areas of my life. I hope I can give her a hug one day to say thank you.


WHAT is the next big thing you are excited about? 

Can I say winter? For anyone that knows me knows I don't do summer time very well. The things I enjoy most in life exist in the window of winter; candles, ugg boots, multiple clothing layers, fires, pasta and mulled wine all in the comfort of our little bungalow in the bush. 10 degrees and under is where I function at my best.


WHERE are you going next?

South Africa. It will be my third time heading to Cape Town but without a doubt this will be our most exciting and important trip we have ever done (and probably will ever do). My wonderful husband is getting the opportunity to meet his birth mum. I can barely think about it without welling up.