In the weddings and events hire game, we see a lot of different pieces of furniture around. Some of them are pure genius. They either stack, fold, roll, or have been so well-considered that life becomes incredibly pain-free for a event planner or caterer......and some of them, not so much. 

We recently had a run-in with a portable bar. Super heavy timber bar with inadequate wheels and a truck tail lift...Let's just say it wasn't an ideal scenario but it did make us think "What would the worlds greatest portable bar look like??" Can it be moved by one person? What grade of wheel would it have? Can it stand 200kgs of weight? What dimensions would aid bar service and also fit in a service lift? Shelves or standardised catering racks?  Splashback or no splashback? Beer taps? Plumbed in? 

Here's our first generation Modular Bar. High-spec Birch ply front with key catering functionality behind. Check it out for yourself - we think this should make your bar service experience a breeze.