FRIENDS OF ARKADE - Hannah Tunnicliffe

We first bumped elbows with author Hannah Tunnicliffe a few years ago over dinner at a Kinfolk event in Auckland's Silo 6. Arkade was a fledgling outfit then and Hannah was one of the first people to say "Hey, nice work. Keep it up!" Ever since, we've been on Hannah's cheer squad. 

Hannah's books has garnered a slew of positive reviews and are a regular fixture on the side table of our resident stylist, Bonnie Machell. By way of Canada, UK, Macau, Australia, and now Auckland, she's a poster-child for ditching the Mon-Fri grind of the HR world in favour of a something a little riskier but ultimately more fulfilling. You can find her 3-5 days a week writing up a storm in cafes of Takapuna. You can also find her here:


WHO is influencing you right now? 

There are so many inspiring bods about and I am a hopeless heart-eyes to choose? Okay, here's just a few - I love the portraiture of local artists Ayesha Green and Nick Herd, am enamoured with Chris Cleave's novel, 'Everyone Brave is Forgiven' and just finished Austin Kleon's simple, snappy guide for creatives,'Steal Like An Artist'. Then there's the Instagram account of the playful Helga Stentzel (who can make a poodle from a cauliflower and jack-o-lanterns from Babybel cheeses) and the philosophy and spot-on advice of anti-diet advocate, Isabel Foxen Duke - both ace. 

WHAT is the next big thing you're excited about? 

I've recently become just a tiny bit crazy about scent. Smell is such an underrated sense and is so braided with our sense of taste; I've begun researching the likes of natural perfume expert and writer Mandy Aftel and smell researcher and artist, Sissel Tolaas, who once re-created the smells of World War I for a museum exhibition. I'd love to incorporate these intriguing worlds of smell research and perfume making into my next writing project.   

WHERE are you going next? 

Well... I would like to say that for my next adventure I am headed to Japan! Yay! In reality I am off to parent-teacher interviews.