$30,000. That’s the magic figure often thrown about when referring to the average cost of a wedding. Whether or not that is backed by actual research or purely anecdotal, the point is expenditure can get out of hand. Quickly. Dresses & suits. Rings. Venues. Handmade furniture. Bespoke table runners. Letterpress invites. Mexican food trucks. Interactive wedding invitation websites. Floral Crowns. Broken typewriters. Photobooths with funny moustaches and chalkboard signs....I’m sure you get the point.

We’re big believers in investing in the right stuff, and these 4 things are a pretty good place to start. Food, drink, entertainment, and images.

Food, drink, and entertainment, are the backbone of your wedding day’s vibe. Get these things right, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to have an incredible party on your hands. Your catering choices have the potential to not only refuel your guests but to make them come alive. Great drink selections will hydrate AND allow folks to let down their hair a little. As for entertainment, Slamming live band or vinyl DJ vs a Spotify playlist? No contest.

We also think investing in quality images is also a great place to spend your hard-earned cash. They’ll serve to remind you of what you’ve got: great people who love you and support you, and of course, each other.

Spend your time and energy getting these things right. Worry about the tiny details another day.