We love dads.

Father’s Day is looming large and at Arkade, we are all very lucky to have a totally great dad. Our particular progenitors are pretty diverse bunch; they are all of similar age and clearly, all male, but between them have very different backgrounds, countries of origin, vocations, pet likes & dislikes, flavours of dad-jokes. They also possess some pretty incredible qualities, of which we are very grateful for. The one thing that unites them (apart from Arkade) is the task of raising a child. That’s a pretty tough well worth celebrating.

So this weekend we raise our glasses to the pro dads and the novices, the planned fathers and the surprise ones. To the helicopter dads and the risk-takers, the providers and the battlers. The immigrant fathers, the local legends. To the step-dads and the adopters. The handy and the clumsy, the sporty and the uncoordinated. The dads who have endured “the snip”, and the ones who aren’t quite done. Fathers Day is your day. Here’s to you...