It’s hard to know exactly where to start, but if we had a manifesto, it’d probably be… this.

Better furniture. We all deserve it. So much of our lives are spent sitting on uncomfortable chairs, at tables so narrow that you have to enter negotiations with your table-mate over where to put your drink, and often in venues where you wished you’d brought that warm coat and pair of gloves.

Our fittings bear silent witness to such a large chunk of our lives, so shouldn’t they add to the story rather than remaining passive? Surely they should be more than just functional, and more than just good-looking. They should tell a tale of their own. That’s why we’ve deliberately sought out pieces locally, rather than straight off some container from another country. We’ve collaborated with local furniture mavens like Trestle Union and Libra Woodworking to bring our designs to life, scoured rural halls for under appreciated benches. Once we even spent an hour and a half debating the ideal depth of a couch. One of us even sustained a broken finger in the quest to bring you an incredible table.

We love style and self-expression. We love dinners and cocktail parties. We love wild ideas and visionaries. We love Brides and Grooms. We love helping people to create a memorable event. Furnishings should be so much more than just a bench to sit on or a table to rest a plate, rather they should add a verse or three to our stories. We hope our pieces do exactly that.”