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Our truck is 6 L x 2.3 W x 3.3 H.
eg. "Delivery is to the 17th floor and there is no lift", "Loading Dock is out of order", "Marquee is 100 m walk from carpark across gravel path", "You must wade through a notorious crocodile-infested swamp, where a travelling church choir recently disappeared" etc.
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Terms & Conditions

A. Ownership

i. All furniture is owned and/or authorised to lease by Arkade Limited, Auckland NZ. The hirer acknowledges that title to the hired equipment remains with Arkade at all times.

ii. All furniture outlined in this contract is leased to the hirer only for the outlined period. The hirer shall not sub-lease, charge or part with possession of furniture owned by Arkade during the hire period.

B. Charges

i. Furniture is hired at the agreed rate for a period of 24 hours OR one fair usage, whichever is agreed upon at hire. Retaining the furniture for a longer period of time, or beyond fair usage without notice will result in additional day(s) charged.

C . Payment 

i. Hire booking is confirmed upon receipt of deposit. The rate confirmed at booking will be the rate payable on the hire date.

ii. Total hire charges are due in two parts; 25% of the total hire charge as deposit and the remaining 75% of the total hire charge due 7days before delivery date.

iii. Payment of deposit deemed to be acceptance of Terms & Conditions and is a commitment to hire. Refunding of deposit in the case of cancelled hire arrangements is at the reasonable discretion of Arkade.

iv. Bookings cancelled 7-21 days prior to delivery or collection will be charged at 50% of total hire charge.

iv. Bookings cancelled less than 36 hours before delivery or collection will be charged at full hire charge plus transport (if any incurred). Changes requested less than 36 hours from delivery or collection will be limited to additions only.

D. Delivery & Removal

i. Due to the size/weight/nature of furniture, Arkade deliver and remove all bookings.

ii. Waiheke Island/South Island deliveries will incur return ferry charges.

iii. The hirer will ensure access is granted to deliver and remove furniture owned by Arkade to the delivery address/venue within the agreed times.

E. Cleaning

i. The hirer must ensure all equipment is returned or ready for collection by Arkade in a clean, dry, and properly packed condition and if being collected, is readily acceptable.

ii. The Hirer must pay all cleaning and drying costs and for any damage resulting from not properly drying, cleaning or packing the equipment.

F. Right to Terminate

i. Arkade reserves the right to re-negotiate delivery and/or hire terms if the delivery location is found to be insecure, unattended, or deemed otherwise unsuitable for loading.

ii. The hirer indemnifies Arkade against any cost, claim, damage, expense, or liability suffered or incurred by Arkade arising directly or indirectly from executing this contract.

G. Damage & Loss

The hirer shall;

i. Notify Arkade as soon as possible if the hired equipment is lost, stolen or damaged.

ii. In the case of damage, be responsible for the full cost of repairs by Arkade to restore the equipment to it’s condition at time of hire.

iii. In the case of loss, theft or irreparable damage, be responsible for the full cost to Arkade of replacement.

iv. Be responsible for any loss of revenue suffered by Arkade due to the unavailability of equipment due to loss/theft/damage.

H. Limitation of Liability, Injury or Damage to Hirer, Third party or Property

i. The Hirer will indemnify Arkade against any liability, losses, damages or expenses incurred or suffered by Arkade as a result of any claim made by a third person against Arkade in respect of any loss or liability arising from the Contract or arising out of the use of the equipment hired by the Hirer.