We've done so many capers with style pro's Two Foxes over the last few years that is seems we've almost gotten communication down to a fine art. Typical email or phone exchanges go something like this...

"Hey. We're doing ___ .  We need ____. Can you do it?"

"Consider it done."

It's these kind of people you want in your corner. When you're in the deep end, you want to be working with people who know the drill and roll up their sleeves to get the project over the line, whatever it takes. Jess & Jared from Two Foxes are definitely in this camp.

Oh, and did we mention their styling work is impeccable?! 


 WHO is influencing you right now?

Jess – A constant influence in both my personal and professional life is music. I find that it can kick me into gear when I need a lift or work in the ebbs and flows during my day to day. I’m loving Anderson East, the Teskey brothers and always a bit of Ray LaMontagne.

Jared – I’m struggling, not because I have no inspiration, but because I seem to draw smaller inspiration from so many different sources that talking about just one feels like a disservice.  I’ve a lifelong love of architecture which probably stems from my parents and my Dad’s infuriating habit of taking photos of things like the underside of bridges - because that’s where the interesting structural stuff is!  I tend to like the way interesting architecture plays with shapes and scales. At the moment I’m digging renovated barns with oversized windows and corrugated walls.

WHAT is the next big thing you're excited about?

Jess – So many things, I think that’s one of the many joys (and headaches) of owning your own business and being in control of your own pathway. On a personal note, we have finally moved into our house after two years of building and ups and downs, so I’m really looking forward to the winter months when we can really nut out the space and get the gardens under control! For Two foxes, I’m just excited for the future in general – we are constantly adapting and adjusting the way we work and our processes so it kind of feels like there is always an exciting change around the corner.  

Jared – There’s always a million projects on the go but if I had to pick one, it probably sounds crazy but before I lived up a ladder hanging lights and rigging flower installs I use to develop software for a living, so once we get some breathing space I’m looking forward to dusting off the laptop and having another go at this website stuff. 

WHERE are you going next?

Jess – I’m about to head into the kitchen to whip up a large lemon drink and try and kick my cold in the butt. After that I will take our dog, Luke, out for his evening stroll as he’s shooting me puppy eyes from across the room.

Jared – I’m probably going to jump onto that dog stroll bandwagon.  It’s Saturday evening so it’s a fairly rare treat to have some time off mid season to sneak that in!